Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Settling back into Los Angeles

The city that never sleeps (well except when we have constant rain for a week that makes everyone want to stay curled up in bed! ) has once again romanced me into the folds of full, brilliant, creative life.  
I've settled back into a rhythm of networking, phone calls, rehearsals, auditioning, and the usual maintenance of friends and work associates who make my day-to-day life an ongoing discovery of vibrant passions.  
I've played a few games with my new softball team (in the stunt league) 'Banzai's Orphans' and we show some great potential, if the rain lets up and we ever play.  
I'm currently training a new aerial act, doubles trapeze, with my young partner, Kyla, and we are learning to combine our physical strength and flexibility with developing characters that tell a story through our creative efforts.  
I'm also finessing my Hand Balancing act with Matt, gaining consistency in our skills while we begin to solidify our characters and transitions.  
I've been teaching aerial fitness for Troupe Vertigo/Cirque School and have the pleasure of watching each student grow within themselves, both emotionally and physically as they master small steps of the process of gaining strength and flexibility, while developing community within their group, and of course having FUN! 
In my personal life, I've begun a love-affair with playing guitar and singing, mostly in the comfort of my own, and occasionally out with friends...after all, music is meant to be shared!