Friday, April 2, 2010

The Coming Spring

Spring is a season for refreshing and replenishing; the days lengthen, the sun shines more intensely, and the air is permeated with the scents of blossoms, yes, even in Los Angeles!
I find myself amused that I have to buy a darker color of foundation for this time of year, thanks to the time I spend in the sun and the browning of my skin.
The beginning of this year has been filled with travel, throughout the mid-west, north-west, and next month working in Dubai.
I am still touring with Cirque Mechanic's 'The Birdhouse Factory' show, most recently enjoying the fresh air, kind people, and breathtaking mountain views of Montana and Wyoming.
When I'm not on the road, Los Angeles is home, where I find myself working with Dream World Cirque, playing hours of softball on Saturdays in the stunt league, teaching flying trapeze at the Santa Monica pier, and enjoying the time I can make to spend time with family and friends, to play music, and to be outdoors.
I'm going skydiving tomorrow, thanks to my sister, Ami's birthday plans, with she and my sister, Charlie, and am both excited and nervous...
As for the coming weeks, my goals include rebuilding my gymnastics skills, diving, finishing my new edit of my stunt reel, and learning how to operate and enjoy my newly gifted (thank you Seth!) camera and keyboard!