Monday, May 14, 2012


Taurus Stunt Awards-
photo by Tara Macken

So we've made it almost half-way through this year!  Where has the time gone?! 

 I'm just recovering from a full weekend of: Softball playoffs-Stunt League, Taurus Stunt Awards, and performing at Momentum Place, an annual Mother's Day show at the Theatricum Botanica in Topenga Canyon, organized by my dear friend, Lexi Pearl.

Taurus Stunt Awards, stare off with Elena

Taurus Stunt Awards

Flash Mob, Washington D.C.,

I'm thankful for so many things this year: my family, good friends, and new work opportunities...

I've had some exciting jobs so far with Dream World Cirque, the highlight of which was a recent Indian wedding celebration in Washington D.C., where 20 of us got to perform a ridiculously fun flash mob including acrobatics, partnering, and lots of fast-paced choreography...

I can't complain when my jobs entail making new friends, and lots of hard work and laughter!

Posing right before our show, Flash Mob, DWC

Flash Mob-Bollywood!!

Last rehearsal in the venue-National Museum, Washington, DC, Party Rock Flash Mob!!!

Backtracking a bit, I started off the year performing with Cirque Mechanics 'Birdhouse Factory' for 2 weeks in Lisbon, Portugal, a beautiful city filled with lovely people, architecture, and a rich history...without saying more, here's a little photo-journal.

At the top of a famous, elaborate Elevator, Lisbon, Portugal
Rooftops of Lisbon, Portugal

Water Factory...this is the 3rd floor filled
with crazy old boilers!

On top of the world!! Lisbon, Portugal
Classic architecture, and transportation, Lisbon, Portugal

Intrepid explorers at the Moorish Castle, Sintra, Portugal

Street art, Lisbon, Portugal

Biking along the coast north of Cascais, Portugal

Quick break on our biking exploration to marvel at the beauty!

Exploring the coast by bike, Cascais, Portugal

Colorful public transportation, Lisbon, Portugal

This year has also brought changes in the direction of my work,
including more stunt work,

Stunt doubling on 'Splendor'

playing music, singing......

...and I've recently moved Downtown, so I'm slowly getting acquainted with my new neighborhood.
New artwork on my street!

Art District, Downtown, LA

My building

So, here's to bringing in summer, and another wonderful half of the year!!

fun times with stunt people